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Loving the Road Trip scarf!!! December 6, at 5: Tristan Jones was a great sea going person that would protect his boat with spreading tacks on the deck of his boat when he left it and most of all had a bow and arrow kit.

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I just love your patterns I have been working on your mandala patterns to dating sayings tumblr and to hang on my wall as decorations to redo my room this summer. That sounds like a great idea! Please post photos on my Zooty Owl Facebook page of your completed mandalas! Thank you This is so cute I am going to try this at work sunday night. I will let you know how it goes.

Please share a photo on my Zooty Owl Facebook page when you have completed your scarf! Would love to see how yours turns out! Thank you so much. Hope it works with the variegated bits of yarn I bought in my charity shop lot. This pattern would lend itself to just about any yarn! Please post a photo of your finished scarf on my Zooty Owl Facebook page - I would love to see how it turns out!

This pattern would work well with pretty much any yarn! Please post a photo on my Zooty Owl Facebook page when you have completed yours! SO happy to have made a new, very talented friend!

Thanks so much for the Fantastic pattern!! Seems to work up very quickly too! Thanks for sharing the pattern! Take care Anne http: Thank you for sharing you pattern. I'll be off to the store tomorrow to buy yarn. I didn't know how to input my name: Carol Howden, therefore it is listed as Anonymous. Hope you enjoyed you're tip I just love the pink scarf, so pretty love the little flowers, thanks for sharing the pattern Clare xx.

Not a very scenic trip Clare - but the company and the crochet was great!! On row 3 you say to crochet one dc, ch 3, one dc in the 3ch. But looking at the picture it shows: Just thought you want to know that the picture shows 2 dc in the 3 chain of the prior row.

I think it looks like that because the last dc is so close to the centre. But it is definitely 1dc, 3ch 1d into the 3ch. Hope you get sorted - let me know! Pics are always good: Oh gosh Zelna, these are absolutely beautiful!

You always manage to make something with just that little bit of extra charm - the flowers and beads really set this apart from all the other scarf patterns out there! I love love love it! No need to send this pattern to your regular testers, I have a feeling a few of us will be testing it out for you this week I have seen quite a few posted on Facebook - and they have all turned out fabulously! Just found your blog and I love it!! Just dragged you onto my bookmarks bar so I can find you easily.

Will be making this lovely shawl sometime this week: Please post a photo of your finished project on my Zooty Owl Facebook page. Would love to see how it turns out! It would definitely work - I think it would drape very well in a thinner yarn. Just keep on repeating row 4 until it is the size you want! I started one last night up to about row 16 as I'm a beginner and not very quick.

I'm loving it so far and your pattern even before edited was clear and easy to follow. Thanks so much for sharing x x. You are welcome Emma! Please post a photo on my Zooty Owl Facebook page when you are finished!! I am feeling very stupid because I am not understanding the instructions. I am stuck at row 1. I really want to make this. All the stitches in row 1 are worked into the very first chain of the beginning 6 chain. Does this make sense - if you are still confused just let me know!

I am too having a wee bit of a hard time I just finished a scarf and now I am working on the flowers, but I wanted to tell you I love, love, love the cute braid edging.

The link to the video didn't work for me but the instructions were good so hopefully I did it right. It looks nice anyway. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful talent. I did fix the link gremlin got in there somehow! Beaux choix de couleurs, road trip hook up. I am having trouble with the last row row 34 Thank you. What are you struggling with did you watch the video??

Hi, I am also confused about row I understand the stitch described, but, on this row only, there is no mention of how to handle the point i. Could you describe what to do? The variegated yarn really makes a difference. Thank you for sharing.

The video takes me to road trip hook up square blanket or blocks. I need to watch it as I am struggling with the edging. Hi Jocelyn - I keep having trouble with this link. I have fixed it again! This is where you can find the video if the link still does not work: Yes, I got it. It helps when your mind is fresh. After an 8 hr day work. Absolutely gorgeous, and it works up quickly! Since you were kind enough to share this pattern with the crafting community, I would also like to share a helpful tip.

Pack a spare pair of nail clippers with your travel kit. They are a cheap and safe alternative to scissors. Even hubby should approve: Hi, I am just finishing your scarf, it is awesome, thanks for the pattern.

Just to say that the video worked fine for me. Hi, I just finished your scarf, it is wonderful, thank you so much for the pattern. How awful about getting stabbed by the scissors it is one of my biggest concerns in the car too. I have one of these, maybe you should get one too http: Dankie Zelna - jou patrone is stunning! Wens ek het meer tyd gehad om alles te hekel Hi, Im working on a jewel colored road scarf right now.

I will post pics and let you know how it turns out. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful and creative pattern!

Beautiful and fun scarves, thank you for sharing your talent. I love this scarf and as soon as I am done with my south bay I will make this scarf! Great project and quite simple once you get a couple of rows in. Thank for a well written pattern. My husband and I will be taking a road trip here soon and while he is driving I am going to try and do this.

This really is the perfect project for the car! Once you get the hang of it you hardly even need to look at your work! Soooooo want to do this. Road trip hook up I was on a roll with it when the point appeared.

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